Courtenay Nike’s

Ok they just released the Vans in Tie Dye….Now Nike has a new Tie Dye Tennis shoe just off the press!!  So of course  I am thinking it would be cool to see this nike shoe in some real styling Tie Dye-  How about an  Original Courtenay Design?  Whata think?  

  See my stylish shoes below for a peek at what they may look like in a Courtenay Tie Dye!   Just for fun 😉

8c12744a_P1030986-1024x768The Nike Roshe Run “Tie-Dye” was shown to the public only hours ago and a few early purchasers have taken the liberty of showing off the new colorful rendition of the sneaker. Bringing out a classic tie-dye design, a loud upper takes over on the originally simplistic and comfortable sneaker.

Wild colors are mixed together including Pink, Yellow, Red, Blue, and Purple on a goretex-like upper seen on GS Roshe Runs. The Nike Roshe Run “Tie-Dye” is complete with a classic White midsole viewable in the new looks above so view the photos and pick them up now via Solebox.

How about Nike in Courtenay Tie Dye?  Which do you Prefer?


feminineprinciplenike nikecourtenay


See more of Courtenay’s work here:


6 thoughts on “Courtenay Nike’s

  1. Hi, omg. I’m really hype about these. I know they’re just a prototype right now, but do you know if you might be making them any time soon?

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